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March 23, 2021  01:32 PM

Roguebook, Nacon's upcoming deckbuilder (similar to Dicey DungeonsHand of Fate, and Slay the Spire) co-designed by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield and Abrakam Entertainment (responsible for the underrated CCG Faeria), is scheduled to release for PC later this year. Roguebook also shares the same setting as Faeria, which features the same kind of visual style —part children's fairytale book, part Miyazaki forest. If you're wondering when you can get to play this game, here's everything you need to know about Roguebook

When is Roguebook going to be released? 

The final version of Roguebook is scheduled to release on June 24, 2021 for PC. You can pre-order the game at or via Steam. 

Roguebook will also be released for the Nintendo Switch alongside other consoles at a later date, but no official release date has been confirmed for the console version yet. 


Gameplay Details & Trailers


Here's the official gameplay trailer from the Nacon North America YouTube channel: 


You can also watch a gameplay video from YouTuber quill18 here: 


Here are the gameplay details from the press release: 

Each hero has a unique set of cards, and players must expertly manage their deck, create synergies between heroes and control their position during fights, such as putting defensive heroes at the front to protect the damage dealer of the team.

While exploring, players add cards to their deck, and these cards can be upgraded by adding gems to them or transmute them into new, even more powerful cards. Roguebook also introduces a new philosophy in deckbuilding games: by expanding their deck, players unlock unique talents and skills for their heroes… But in returns, they’ll also have to face more unpredictability in handling a towering deck!

At the start of each chapter, only a portion of the map is revealed, including the path to the boss. Players are encouraged to explore the map and use the ink system to reveal hidden areas. Many treasures, enemies and events can be found to help make your team as strong as possible for the final fight.

As it is a roguelike, defeat means starting all over again… But all is not lost: Roguebook has a permanent upgrade system with new unlockable cards and new abilities for the heroes. And for players who want to uncover all the Roguebook's secrets, there is the Epilogue system, which can be used to add customised challenges and earn bigger rewards. This greatly increases the replay value of Roguebook.

Here are the key features of the game: 

      Six Hero Pairs – Choose two heroes to start a game. Each hero has a collection           of over 50 cards, a personal relic and a unique skill tree.

Maximize Synergies – The hero at the front protects the hero at the back. Switch the positions of your heroes and combine their strengths to unleash powerful combos.

      Strategic Battles – Skillfully anticipate and queue up your actions to defeat over          40 bosses and enemies.

Build Your Deck as You Play

Dynamic Deckbuilding – Over 200 cards to cleverly assemble as the game progresses. You will never play with the same deck twice.

Relics with Unique Powers – Upgrade your cards with 30 special gems. Collect 80 relics with extraordinary effects.

More Cards, More Power! – Each hero has a unique skill tree to unlock. Collect cards and select the best skills!

Explore a World That Changes with Each New Brushstroke

The Book Changes Each Time You open It – The map along with its mysteries and dangers are procedurally generated for a brand-new challenge every time.

Paint the World – The Roguebook’s pages are composed of hexagonal tiles. Use magic inks that reveal different patterns to fully explore each page.

A Range of Encounters – Merchants, travelers, ruins, quests, etc. Lots of chances to obtain cards and relics… or to fall into a trap!

Each Run Counts in the Quest to Defeat the Roguebook

Hours and Hours of Fun – 20 hours on average to beat the game, hundreds of hours to unlock everything.

Progress at Your Own Pace – Collect pages and use them to buy upgrades. Level up your heroes to unlock new cards.

20 Difficulty Levels – Defeat the final boss to unlock the Epilogue level. Each level grants access to new relics, gems and encounters, but also spawns tougher enemies.


Roguebook Reviews: What are the critics saying so far? 

Jody Macgregor of PC Gaming praised Roguebook's depth, but criticizes the game's lack of narrative effort. He says the overworld, shown as a hexgrid, "puts context and a little story between the fights". 

Macgregor also explains how Roguebook rewards players differently:

"The difference that feels most impactful is that Roguebook doesn't reward you as much for winnowing your deck. When I goof another run at the Spire it's because I added too many cards without trimming the fat, resulting in turns where I don't get access to that one overpowered combo before being engulfed by a slime monster. 

Roguebook rewards you for having more cards. When you cross deck size boundaries, you earn talents, leveling-up your heroes. The boring, safe choice of deleting cards until you're left with a perfect nub of smoothed-down efficiency is no longer the only option."

Moe T. of Tabletopbellhop praised Roguebook's two-character combat system but said that its exploration system is frustrating,"The problem I had was that you don’t get enough ink. Even if you fight and win every fight and hit every Tower there’s no way to reveal the entire map."


Roguebook Pre-Order Details & Demo

Pre-ordering Roguebook on Stream or via will let you play the demo and get four hero skins. There is also a Deluxe Edition that includes the Apex Predator Pack, Alternate Art Pack, the original soundtrack, and digital artbook. 

Are you going to play Roguebook when it comes out? Let us know what you think about this gam ein the comments section below. 

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