M0E_tv Smashes Keyboard Out of Rage During Valorant Stream

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By Jake Vyper . | More Articles MTG Content Creator MTG Content Creator
November 18, 2020  02:36 PM

Streamer and former Counter-Strike: Global Initiative (CS:GO) player m0E destroyed his keyboard during a stream of Valorant

As shown in the clip below: as his Agent Reyna approaches B site on split, his keyboard seemingly disconnected and reconnected, casuing him to lose control for a moment, and this short lag was enough for the enemy player to spot him and eliminate him from a distance.


Clearly pissed, m0E removed his headset and started breaking his keyboard with his fist, and the streamer disconnected the cable before throwing it to the floor.

Over on Twitter, m0E shared the clip from his stream and shared his frustrations with Ducky's keyboards: 

“That fucking Ducky piece of shit just breaks randomly for no fucking reason dude, I’m so fucking mad,” m0E said. “I’m a fucking streamer for how many years and I don’t have a working keyboard. Fuck Ducky I spent so much money on that keyboard and for no fucking reason, they still have a keyboard that you have to connect to the back. Why do I have to connect it via a shitty fucking micro-USB connection and it just dies randomly for no fucking reason?”

After losing the game, m0E decided to stop playing Valorant during that stream, and moved on to another game. 

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