Kaldheim Gods - New Magic: The Gathering Legendary MDFCs of The Upcoming Norse Mythology-Inspired Set

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January 13, 2021  05:35 PM


The gods of Magic: The Gathering's Viking-inspired world are coming in the form of MDFCs (Modal Double-Faced Cards), and Wizards of the Coast has revealed their stats, abilities, and the permanent cards on their back sides. 

The MDFC mechanic was introduced in last year's Zendikar Rising set, but Kaldheim is the first Magic set that will feature god cards in MDFC form with a different legendary permanent on the back. Kaldheim also features the first Planeswalker MDFC: Valki, God of Lies // Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor

Here are all the god MDFCs of Kaldheim revealed so far (We will update this page as more gods are revealed): 


Valki, God of Lies // Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor 

Showcase version:


Reidane, God of Justice // Reidane's Shield


Birgi, God of Tales // Harnfel, Horn of Abundance


Showcase verision:

Cosima, God of the Voyage // The Omenkeel 


Toralf, God of Fury // Toralf's Hammer

Showcase version: 


Halvar, God of Battle // Sword of the Realms


Alrund, God of the Cosmos

Showcase version: 


Esika, God of the Tree // The Prismatic Bridge

Showcase version: 


Egon, God of Death // Throne of Death 


Jorn, God of Winter // Kaldring, the Rimestaff


Showcase version: 


Tergrid, God of Fright // Tergrid's Lantern

Showcase version: 


Kolvori, God of Kingship // The Ringhart Crest


Showcase version: 

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Kaldheim is set to release on February 5, 2021 for tabletop, and Jan. 28 on Magic Arena and Magic Online. The set will be followed by Strixhaven: School of Mages, which is set to release sometime in Spring 2021. 

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