High-Ranked VALORANT Streamer Solista Banned For Cheating on Twitch, and Shroud Predicted It

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Content Creator
April 19, 2021  02:55 PM

High-ranked Radiant VALORANT streamer Solista got banned for cheating while streaming live on Twitch. 

When VALORANT last year, the Vanguard anti-cheat system was made a requirement to play Riot's tactical shooter. The advanced anti-cheat system, which some consider to be too "invasive", was supposed to detect cheating in VALORANT. However, some cheaters still find a way to slip through, with aimbots, trigger bots, and wallhacks, but it looks like one Twitch streamer has been caught cheating during a live stream. 

While streaming on April 14, the Reyna main was playing on Split, and his game was terminated after 18 rounds as the anti-cheat message flashed up with the red screen of death, telling the player that a cheater had been detected in the game. 

Solista read the message and discovered that he was banned from VALORANT: "You have been banned from playing VALORANT,” the message said, leaving Solista a bit shocked. “What, really dude?” he said in response before walking out. 

The ban quickly went viral on social media, and players were a bit surprised that a high-ranked player was detected cheating, noting that he made it 65th in North America and played with Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek and other VALORANT pros. While many fans are relieved that the cheat was detected, many are upset with Riot for letting a cheater dip under the radar for so long. 

Shroud jokingly predicted Solista's ban during a game that recently resurfaced. He was impressed by Solista's performance for using the Guardian weapon skillfully, but his decade long FPS experience didn't let him buy that Solista was playing clean "I was really inspired by that Guardian player. (In a few years) he'll be in the pro scene or banned," Shroud said during his game with Solista. 


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Various clips of Solista not touching his mouse while shooting during livestreams also confirmed that the ban was valid. Solisata's Twitch channel is currently down and it's probably because cheating is against the platform's policy to stream. 

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