Filipina Valorant Streamer Mika Daime Accused of Toxicity; Amplfy Ends Partnership

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January 04, 2021  03:33 PM

Just a few months after Valorant professional players Keven 'Player 1' Champagne and Matt 'Wardell' Yu accused popular Filipina Valorant Facebook Gaming streamer and content creator Mika Daime for cheating in Riot's tactical shooter, she is under fire once again after being accused of toxicity and harassment in the game's community.


On December 30, Core Esports PH shared a video of Daime where he pointed out several instances of the streamer being toxic towards other Valorant players during the stream. In the video, the streamer is seen having a toxic conversation with her teammates. The language of the video is in Tagalog. You can watch it in the embed below: 

Core Esports PH points out how Daime is trying to stream-snipe another Valorant streamer in hopes to gain information from the enemy team. The video also claims that she was angry at "boosters" (higher-level players who help lower ranked players climb up the game's ranked ladder) when she herself is being accused of boosting. She is also seen "tea-bagging" enemies, and the video also points out Daime's toxic text and voice chats towards other players in her Valorant match.

He also claims that Daime had criticized Fantech Philippines, which can be considered unethical since she's sponsored by Logitech. After the clip of her toxic behavior got viral on social media, many in the stremaing community claimed that she had made multiple mean comments towards smaller content creators. 

Just days after the video was uploaded, Amplfy terminated their partnership with Daime. 

“After careful review of the video uploaded last December 30, 2020 regarding Mika Daime, management has decided to terminate her AMPLFY partnership," “We understand that gamers have the tendency to be expressive with their comments when the game gets competitive, but we also need to know where to draw the line. Let this be a lesson to us all that we should help spread positivity instead of negativity in the gaming community.”

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Esports Inq reported that Daime is "no longer connected with Logitech" and any of the company's affiliates since November 2020. 

Episode 2: Act 1 of Valorant will be released later this month. 

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