Gintama Live Action Movie Gets First Trailer

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By Gel Galang | More Articles
December 17, 2016  03:21 PM

Months ahead of its official launch in theaters, the Gintama live-action film finally has its first trailer. It’s basically a sneak peek, and all we get to see is the Yorozuya family members (minus Sadaharu).

But upon closer inspection, we might be looking at Nizo Okada in the scene at mark 0:07 of the trailer below. The clothes and hair are very similar to what’s in the anime. And that may be the scene where he confronts Gintoki and fake-kills him.

There’s also that very telling scene by the bridge canal, with rain splashes and Shinpachi yelling at him from above when he thinks Gin-san dies.

And interestingly, at the 0:09 mark, is that Gintoki throwing out the Chatoran ambassador in the first episode where he meets Shinpachi? I can vaguely see a café setup, and while we don’t get to see the cheetah head, the cheetah-patterned overcoat is very, very telling.



The presence of Nizo is pretty much a confirmation that the arc will be the Benizakura arc. Previously announced in the casting, we also know that the Kiheitai will be there with leader Takasugi Shinsuke. And Ken Yasuda and Akari Hayami have been cast as sword forger siblings Tetsuya and Tetsuko Murata.

I’m still on the fence with this one. Obviously, as a fan, I would want this to succeed. I don’t even care that Shun Oguri’s eyes look nothing like Gintoki’s. If I look hard enough, he can pass off the tenen parma samurai. Even Kagura and Shinpachi look their best in the teaser trailer.

Perhaps it’s in the seriousness of the trailer. I know it’s because the highlight are the serious parts. But Gintama’s heart is in its comedy and how it can balance wild fun with heartwarming scenes—and this has to get it right, because Benizakura has the best of both worlds rolled in that entire arc.

Gintama live action will arrive in theaters sometime in summer of 2017.

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