A Look Back at Marvel Contest of Champions Year 2

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By Gel Galang | More Articles
December 17, 2016  01:21 PM

The past two years have seen a generous influx of heroes for Marvel's mobile title, Marvel Contest of Champions.

Just to cap off a pretty sweet year for its second anniversary, developer Kabam has offered some insights on the activity that has happened within the game. First off, the developer has released quite a number of characters in the game.

"The Kabam team has released 80 butt-kicking heroes and villains over the past two years, including everyone from the Uncanny X-Men to the Inhumans to the Avengers to cosmic threats like the Mad Titan Thanos. We've seen entirely original Champions hit the battlefield. No doubt somewhere The Collector's smiling."

Using these characters, players worldwide were able to log in a total of 957 million hours played. And during that time, Marvel Contest of Champions were able to attain 7.3 billion crystals and so many unlockables including gold, catalysts, and even Champions.

In the game, fans from over 240 countries were able to form 574 thousand alliances and fight 24 billion battles. Based on the numbers, Spider-Man seems to be a favorite, as he has been 1.45 billion battles, while Captain America has taken up the shield in 575 million fights. Even Black Bolt, the relatively new member as the King of Inhumans, used his sonic power in 547 million battles.

As far as the reigning 5-Star Champion goes, everyone's favorite seems to be Cyclops, followed by Doctor Strange as the most-used 4-Star fighter.

Kabam is not yet done with Marvel Contest of Champions, so make sure to tune in next year. for more.

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