Zack Snyder Planned a Cyborg Standalone Film After Justice League

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By Elazje Carillo | More Articles Managing Editor
March 25, 2021  05:23 PM

The release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League showed how much different it was from the 2017 version. One of the most glaring differences is the Flash and Cyborg’s storylines. In the 2017 version of the film, both the Flash and Cyborg became side characters to the other heroes in the league. In the Snyder cut, the two characters are seen as main characters, who as massive contributions to the entire group. They were both very critical and vital to the team’s success.
In the 2017 version, Cyborg’s backstory wasn’t fully fleshed out. This is why fans didn’t really connect with him. However, the recent Snyder cut showed more depth to the character which made fans appreciate the character even more. He finally got his own story arc. Fans were able to see the character get a better setup in the DCEU. 

Snyder revealed that he had more plans for Cyborg. The director said that he wanted Cyborg to get his own solo film after Justice League, adding that a solo film for Cyborg was a “no-brainer.”

Cyborg scenes

In the Joss Whedon version of Justice League, Cyborg’s scenes were mostly reshot which led to his role in the story greatly reduced. The 2017 version doesn’t show any way of setting up a solo Cyborg movie. However, the Snyder cut showed the potential of how a Cyborg story can continue. The director already mentioned before that Cyborg is the heart of the movie.

When Snyder talked to Esquire, the director said that he was happy to put Ray’s story back, referring to Ray Fisher, the actor who played Cyborg in the film. Snyder revealed that he was saddened that he didn’t push harder to set up the Cyborg film before the Justice League. However, this was because he was doing a lot of work to set up Wonder Woman and Aquaman, as well as get those movies on their feet.

Snyder also added that he wished that he did that with Cyborg. Snyder said,

"I'm very sad that I didn't push harder to set up the Cyborg movie before we shot Justice League because I'd done a lot of work to set up Wonder Woman and Aquaman and to get those movies on their feet. And I really wish I had done that with Cyborg because he's really on his feet at the end of the movie. He's really ready to go. And I just thought, well, the truth is I just assumed that it was a no brainer that a Cyborg movie would be in the works. You know what I mean? It seems like so obvious."

As of this moment, the Snyderverse remains uncertain, especially after the WB CEO seemingly shuts down the possibility that any sequel might happen.
Zack Snyder’s Justice League is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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