Watch: Fortnite Galactus Event Is Like a Marvel Movie With Its Cinematic Gameplay

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December 02, 2020  01:24 PM



The Fortnite Galactus event saw how the giant villain was relinquished through the help of many players across the world. They climbed to the Battle Buses to shoot down robots then force-feed Galactus a huge bomb. The event looked like it was a mini-Marvel movie with the players being able to interact with the fictional world.


The Fortnite live event is believed to possibly be either the start or end of the Nexus War. The players began from the infamous Avengers’ Helicarrier while seeing the terrifying head of Galactus over the horizon. When the event started, the 'absolute unit' began approaching the map.


At this point, Galactus had begun absorbing Zero Point. This led Iron Man to tell the player that what is occurring is a 'bad thing' as it will cause a ‘full reality collapse’. Iron Man puts the player on the driver seat of the Battle Bus which is equipped with laser cannons.


The players continue to navigate through an obstacle course, then proceed to shoot the robots of Galactus out of the sky. What makes the event a better spectacle is that Wolverine and Thor made a cameo, reminding the players that they are in the Nexus War.



The main goal was to drive the horde of Battle Buses with the players into the mouth of Galactus. The Battle Buses detonated multiple bombs that blew Galactus back to the portal where he came in. After the players have successfully blown up Galactus, Agent Jonesy was seen waking up.

Fortnite’s Galactus event will lead to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. Many people assumed that the arrival of Galactus means that the current map will be blown to pieces but fortunately, this was not the case.


The event was truly a huge deal that even caused Twitch to go down due to the massive influx of viewers. Some streamers even faced hurdles due to the copyright detection system flagging their videos.


Despite the hurdles, the event was a success. In fact, fans are excited for Chapter 2 Season 5. After having a Marvel-themed Season 4, Fortnite continues its collaboration with Disney as the popular game will feature The Mandalorian for the next season.


Season 5 is called ‘Zero Point’. It will involve hunters from different realities. These hunters will join forces to fight against ‘the loop’. One of those hunters is the Mandalorian, accompanied by Baby Yoda (Grogu).


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 event has begun.


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