Deborah Snyder Tells Fans to Not Watch Entire Zack Snyder's Justice League All at Once

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By Elazje Carillo | More Articles Managing Editor
February 22, 2021  04:41 PM

Justice League producer Deborah Snyder, has watched through the entire Zack Snyder's Justice League film. Her advice for fans who are excited to watch the film is to not sit through the entire film in one sitting. Her advice is to watch it in parts.

Deborah appeared on the LightCast podcast to talk about the upcoming release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max. The original rumor was that the series will be separated into four separate hour-long episodes. However, the film is confirmed to be released in a four-hour-long film. 

Her husband, Zack even added an intermission if there was a potential theatrical release in the future. However, Deborah believes that it is quite hard to view all of the films all at once. She said that she can sit for many hours binge-watching things, but she said that she can get lost while watching and may even fall asleep.

She shared that on HBO Max, it will let you stop and pick up where you left off. There is a little indentation in the timeline that will allow the viewer to go on each chapter's timelines. It will be a good way for viewers who can’t watch in one sitting to easily go back to the exact part where they left off.

Viewers have their own ways of watching a film. Some fans can watch for many hours in one sitting, while others need to pause and refresh before going back. Whatever the means are to watch the film, it’s a good thing that it is available for streaming, which means viewers have the option on how they will watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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