Confirmed: Princess Leia’s First Love was NOT Han Solo

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By Danielle Baranda | More Articles Writer and film enthusiast
December 06, 2019  12:40 PM


The following article contains spoilers for Star Wars #75 by Greg Pak, Phil Noto, and VC's Clayton Cowles.

The Empire Strikes Back holds the distinction for containing some of Star Wars’ most iconic scenes, one of which is Princess Leia professing her love for Han Solo just before he is about to be lowered into a Carbonite mold and frozen alive. “I love you,” she says. To which he responds with the now famous and improvised line, “I know.”

The two would prove to be every nerd’s favorite couple and even with a seemingly strained relationship in The Force Awakens and of course, their son Kylo Ren, the pair always seemed to be destined to be together. Or so we thought.

In a final issue from Marvel Comics titled Star Wars #75, we discover that Leia’s first love was actually Dar Champion. Set in the early days of the Rebellion, just before the events of The Empire Strikes Back, the comic’s plotline involves Leia, Luke, and Han contacting Dar in order to capture Boss Carpo. Carpo had been betraying the Rebels and was secretly working for the Empire and now the three were tasked with making it appear to the Empire that Carpo was double-crossing them in order for them to take out Carpo on their own (via

In one of the scenes, Leia says the line, "He knows it," with the comic layout emphasizing on the "know," seemingly to remind us what it means in Leia's language.

One of the biggest problems Luke, Leia, and Han had, however, was Dar’s qualms in actually betraying his boss. This is where we see Leia forming a romance with him and although it initially seems that she is only doing this to persuade him to help them, she truly does end up falling for him and we see this throughout the entire issue.

Bad break for Han and Leia fans out there, but hey, they still technically did end up together and that’s all that counts.

Star Wars #75 is now out in your favorite comic stores.

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