Rumors Leak that the Justice League Film is a "Mess"

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By Cora Llamas | More Articles
January 13, 2017  11:38 AM

The fansite Batman on Film has let the word slip that the highly-anticipated Justice League film, slated for release late this year, might turn out to be a "mess." The writer admits that he is going on hearsay and rumors, which ostensibly come from unnamed parties within the set which has been filming.

Ben Affleck, who plays Batman on the film, is supposedly unhappy with the way Justice League is turning out. This dissatisfaction is again apparently the reason why filming for his own Batman movie has been pushed back. What does seem very likely is that the planned early 2017 shoot for the new Caped Crusader flick will be pushed back to the summer of this year. That delay in filming in turn will affect the planned July 2019 release of the movie.

All these are just rumors, but do expect fans to take a position. Many DC fans, especially those who had been disappointed by the final outcome of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, had found new hope in the latest trailer of the upcoming Justice League film. Character nuances, humor, and wit - which had been lacking in the first Superman-Batman match-up - promised to be in the latter.

This latest "mess" alarm, if true, could either discourage them or have them up in arms, possibly asking for director Zack Synder's head. But right now, with nothing clear, sitting tight and waiting might be the best course of action.


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