Madonna Regrets Turning Down A Role In The Matrix: 'I Wanted To Kill Myself'

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By Catherine Armecin | More Articles
October 08, 2021  11:19 AM

Madonna opened up about her career in her latest appearance in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She had a lot of regrets because she turned down several acting opportunities that could have cemented her career as an actress.

Madonna Wants To Kill Herself After Turning Down The Matrix Offer

During Madonna's interview with Fallon, they talked about the various acting offers she received. The Like a Virgin singer shared that one of her biggest regrets in life was turning down the opportunity to star in Keanu Reeves' 1999 movie The Matrix.

"I also turned down the role in The Matrix. Can you believe that?" Madonna said. "I wanted to kill myself."

Vanity Fair speculated that the role offered to Madonna was probably the female lead that went to Carrie-Anne Moss. 

"Poor Madonna," Fallon jokingly replied. 

"That’s like one of the best movies ever made," Madonna continued. "A teeny-tiny part of me regrets just that one moment in my life."

The Matrix follows a hacker named Neo (Reeves) who gets stuck inside a simulated reality. The sci-fi movie was a hit and grossed $171.5 million domestically and $466.3 million globally. It also earned multiple awards, People reported.

Madonna Also Turned Down Catwoman

Aside from The Matrix, Madonna said no when she was offered to play Catwoman in Batman Returns and a leading role in Showgirls.

The singer said she had seen both films. She also regretted turning down Catwoman because she found the movie "fierce." She could have worn the latex catsuit. 

Michelle Pfeiffer got the role after Madonna turned it down. As for the Showgirls, Madonna has no regrets saying "no" to it.

Madonna's Acting Career

Madonna has starred in several movies, including A League of Their Own. However, Debra Winger left the project after director Penny Marshall cast Madonna as Mae Morabito. Winger, who was set to star as Dottie Hinson in the film, disapproved of Madonna's casting because she felt that the filmmaker was making an "Elvis film" with the singer's addition.

Winger left the project but was still paid because she had a pay-or-play contract. Geena Davis took over her role. Winger wasn't very impressed with the movie, saying the actresses didn't prepare except for Lori Petty. As for Madonna, she told The Telegraph, "I think [her] acting career has spoken for itself."

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