Star Wars Actress Daisy Ridley Praises WandaVision, Expresses Interest in MCU

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February 23, 2021  09:35 AM

Daisy Ridley is easily one of Hollywood's breakout stars and the fact that she has yet to star in a comic book film almost sounds criminal. Of course, her packed schedule and contractual obligations with Lucasfilm didn't allow her to appear in a Marvel or DC project but now that she's been relieved of her Star Wars duties, the chances of her starring in a superhero project have become higher.

Online rumors that swirled in 2019 suggested that DC and Warner Bros. were eyeing the Rey actress to star in a solo Batgirl film but the project has yet to really take off. On the Marvel side of things, fans have been vocal for quite some time now about their desire to see Ridley in Sony's solo Spider-Woman project as Jessica Drew.

Daisy, who's been out of social media for years has never heard of the rumors about her potential Spider-Woman casting but when author Sariah Wilson asked her about it during a recent interview, she excitingly shared that she's more than willing to do the project if given the chance. Daisy simply said: "OMG, I would love to play Spider-Woman."


She also added that she's open to the possibility of joining another huge franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even praised Marvel's first-ever series WandaVision, revealing that she's actually a fan of the Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany show. Wilson adds: "She said she loved "Into the Spiderverse" and has been loving WandaVision. So yes, she would happily dip her toes into another franchise."

When you think about it, it's quite mind-boggling how studios have yet to get in touch with Daisy following her Star Wars stint when her co-star Oscar Isaac has already been tapped to play the MCU's version of Moon Knight. Hopefully, Daisy's interest in Sony's own Spider-Verse helps her land a role in the franchise. And say what you will about the sequel trilogy, Daisy is still a pretty good actress so I'm totally down to see her turn up in a different franchise.

Meanwhile, other details about Sony's Spider-Woman project are still being kept under wraps.

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