WandaVision Rotten Tomatoes Score and Critic Reviews So Far! Is WandaVision Worth Watching?

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles Comic book geek and Magic: the Gathering player
January 11, 2021  10:45 AM

Critic reviews are in! Wandavision is the first in a series of new shows by Disney+ aimed at continuing storylines from the MCU. Shows include Loki, Hawkeye, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, to name a few. WandaVision features Elizabeth Olsen reprising her role as Wanda Maximoff as well as Paull Bettany as Vision.


The series is produced by Marvel Studios and is considered canon to the MCU. Many have asked how Vision can be alive since he had died at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

Marvel has confirmed that the show takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame, so we know that something had to have happened to bring back Vision.

We have a few theories here; however, the prevalent theory is that Wanda unleashes her reality-warping powers to bring back Vision. He isn’t so much brought back, as he is a figment of her imagination brought to life. This is a play on the House of M comic book released in the 2000s by writer Brian Michael Bendis

Initial reviews are in and we finally have a score on Rotten Tomatoes! WandaVision has debut with an average Tomatometer of 95%. It did have a 100% tomatometer score earlier today!

Since review embargoes had just been lifted today, we expect the score to change substantially over the next 24-48 hours as additional critics publish their remarks.

In the meantime, 95% is a fantastic score!

Here’s what the critics had to say about WandaVision:


If that doesn't get you hyped for the new series, what will? It looks like Marvel and Kevin Feige took a lot of risks with the show being untraditional, and it paid off. That’s rather refreshing as some competing franchises or networks play it safe and end up creating dull and uninspired comic book content.

One of the big risks WandaVision took is filming the first episode in Black and White. It’s a nod to the golden era of television, but there are also some story plot reasons why this is the case.

Take note, these are early reviews, so critical consensus could change when the series is open for everyone to watch on January 15.


According to Rotten Tomatoes, there are not enough ratings yet to calculate a score, so we will have to wait a little longer to see if it is certified Fresh. A top rating could help propel more Marvel Studios content on Disney+; although, it seems like the success of The Mandalorian has already launched the MCU to action on Disney Plus, since we already have back to back shows releasing after WandaVision (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will release immediately following the ending of WandaVision).

WandaVision will be a 9 episode series and is expected to end after one season. It will release weekly and is rated PG and will be one of the most family-friendly Marvel live-action series created over the past ten years. So bring your kids along for the journey!

WandaVision releases worldwide on January 15 and is available exclusively on Disney+. Unfortunately, no DVD or Blu-ray release is expected anytime soon.

Are you excited about WandaVision? Leave us a comment below!

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