Zack Snyder's Snarky Response to Batman Sex Controversy Suspiciously Taken Down

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June 24, 2021  04:37 PM

Batman has always been a controversial figure throughout comic book history and just last week, the caped crusader generated quite the buzz after DC insinuated that he shouldn't be portrayed in several media doing obscene things.

The entire debacle started when Harley Quinn showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker revealed last week that they were asked by DC Entertainment to take down a scene that features Batman performing cunnilingus (oral sex) on Catwoman in one of the episodes from the upcoming third season of the animated series.

Amid the fiasco, Justice League director
Zack Snyder would perform the ultimate troll job on DC by posting an image of Bruce Wayne "going down" on Selina Kyle, referring to it as "canon". Snyder's snarky response received over 300,000 likes on Twitter but apparently, the image has been taken down. It's unclear when the said image was actually removed but interestingly, it says that the photo Zack used in the post was reported by the copyright holder. 


I hate to point fingers but reading between the lines, it's safe to conclude that DC or even Warner Bros. had a hand in taking down his response which isn't too farfetched to believe given the "beef" between them over the SnyderVerse.

Meanwhile, DC surprisingly didn't address the matter and just let the issue die a natural death which I guess was the smart thing to do. I gotta say though, I still find it funny that they seem to be worried about the public perception of the Dark Knight, arguably DC's most controversial character.

Meanwhile, speaking of the caped crusader, Matt Reeves' The Batman hits cinemas in 2022.

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