New WandaVision Promo Image Offers Better Look at Vision's Human Form

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October 09, 2020  12:22 PM


The highly anticipated debut of Disney+'s WandaVision starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany is inching closer and closer and Marvel Studios is definitely in promo mode these days to hype up the release of the first-ever MCU spinoff show on the Disney streaming service. Last week, promotional art emerged online following the unveiling of the show's official merch on Amazon. Now, another promo image has just been released and it's giving us a better look at the titular characters.

Online marketplace Zazzle has released the official listing page for WandaVision that comes complete with a classic-looking banner of Olsen and Bettany. This, of course, means that the virtual store will soon be home to upcoming merchandise from the series. The banner sees Wanda aka the Scarlet Witch in her '60s-inspired getup and interestingly, our best look yet at Vision in his human form. Check it out here:


Thankfully, Marvel Studios were able to finish the production for WandaVision amid all the hassle and frustrating delays brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic. It's hard to imagine a full calendar year without something from Kevin Feige and his folks so WandaVision arriving as planned is definitely the good news we need. Speaking of, there's been a lot of buzz as of late with the Marvel Multiverse especially with Jamie Foxx and Benedict Cumberbatch joining Spider-Man 3. It's being rumored that WandaVision will actually be responsible for the mayhem that will ensue which begs the question, could Elizabeth Olsen (and possibly Paul Bettany) make their way to the Tom Holland film? The chances are pretty high if you'd ask me but let's see what happens next.
WandaVision is coming to Disney+ later this year!

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