WandaVision Funko Pop Seemingly Drops Clues About Evan Peters Not Actually Playing Pietro

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February 15, 2021  01:43 PM

A lot of intrigue surrounds Evan Peters' true role in WandaVision and despite the fact that the hit MCU spinoff show suggests that he's playing a new version of Wanda's twin brother Pietro Maximoff, fans are still convinced that he is hiding a huge secret and it's only a matter of time before it gets revealed.

The most persistent theory about Evan is that he's in fact playing the iconic Marvel villain Mephisto who shares quite the history with the Scarlet Witch. Pietro's new eccentric behavior and the way he carries himself could be a dead giveaway that something's really up with the character.

Now, a post from toys and collectibles manufacturer Funko's newest WandaVision figure is fueling speculation amongst fans, thanks to a tiny detail in their promotional material that may have actually hinted that Evan isn't exactly playing the MCU's version of Quicksilver.

Funko just unveiled a Pop! figure based on Peters' Halloween look from WandaVision's Episode 6 and if you'll pay close attention to their tweet, you'll notice that they used quotation marks on Pietro's name, seemingly suggesting that he isn't actually the person they want us to believe he is. Check it out here: 

Of course, suspicious fans of the series don't need any convincing whatsoever as they're already pretty invested in the entire "Pietro is Mephisto" theory and if you've been paying close attention to the show, there are tons of clues to back it all up. In the end, I wouldn't be surprised if the Pietro who all of a sudden entered Wanda's pocket reality is actually someone else entirely. Hopefully, we'll get answers in Episode 7.

The latest episode of WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+.

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