Trusted Star Wars Leaker Sounds Off on Disney's Sequel Trilogy Reboot Rumors

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February 01, 2021  04:02 PM

The Star Wars universe is already no stranger to being a divisive pop culture franchise but over the last couple of years, fans have heavily lambasted Lucasfilm for the creation of the sequel trilogy. To be totally fair, it showed a lot of promise at first with The Force Awakens but along the way, it was evident that Disney didn't know what to do with it and couldn't decide which direction it should go.

Rey Skywalker with her new Lightsaber.

This is why a lot of people were thrilled to learn about the "potential" removal of the sequels from the Star Wars canon. We reported last week that Disney is rumored to be retconning the entire sequel trilogy to make way for a reboot which would see the trilogy divided into mini-series exclusive to Disney+.

However, as promising as that rumor may seem for a lot of Star Wars fans, especially to those who couldn't stand the sequel trilogy, a trusted franchise "leaker" shared his thoughts about it and if you'd ask his opinion, he isn't too convinced.

Jason Ward of Making Star Wars has been notorious over the years for dishing out reliable leaks concerning the franchise's upcoming projects and more. In a recent conversation with Inverse, Ward said that the idea of the House of Mouse rebooting the sequel trilogy is "preposterous". He explains: "There is nothing that makes me think anyone has any inkling of reworking the sequel trilogy. In fact, the idea is preposterous.

Each of the sequel trilogy films is performing rather well for Disney/Lucasfilm financially. To 'erase' those would weaken a consistent revenue stream that is currently being capitalized on."

Ward raises some pretty valid arguments regarding the rumor and when you think about it, he's actually right. The sequel films, despite the fact that they've been deemed polarizing by a lot of people still performed well at the box office. Still, that's not to say that the rumors about a reboot aren't true as it can't be denied that the franchise may have ended on an underwhelming and controversial note.

I've stated this in our previous article tackling this rumor, I'm cool with it happening as long as they keep the original characters and handle them properly. If there's one thing we learned from the Star Wars franchise, it's to never say never and always expect the unexpected.

The entire Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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