Thor Star Jaimie Alexander Sparks Marvel Cinematic Universe Comeback Rumors

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November 19, 2020  11:50 AM


We haven't seen Jaimie Alexander in a Marvel Cinematic Universe live-action film in over 7 years and while her absence from the billion-dollar franchise has never been addressed, fans think her grand comeback could happen sooner rather than later. The actress, who plays Lady Sif in the Thor franchise recently posted an Instagram update and she apparently flew to Atlanta, the same place where the standalone Loki series is set to film.


I hate to burst everyone's bubble though but as it turns out, the real reason why Jaimie flew to Atlanta was to catch up with friends and her being in the same location as the Loki production could all be just a huge coincidence but hey, you can never say never and the chances of her actually ending up being involved in the Disney+ show isn't exactly out of the question.


Lady Sif is one of the more promising and underappreciated characters in the Thor franchise and it's almost criminal how she never returned in Thor: Ragnarok. It still bums me out to this day, I gotta tell you. On the bright side, however, considering the fact that her co-star Natalie Portman is making her way back to the MCU, the chances of Jaimie turning up in the franchise will always be a possibility. I mean, I would totally be down to see her team up with Jane Foster and Valkyrie at some point.

In other news, Thor: Love and Thunder will hit cinemas in 2022.

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