The Mandalorian's Chapter 14 Sees Jaw-Dropping Demise of [SPOILERS]

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December 04, 2020  09:44 AM


A lot of fans (myself included) expected the latest episode of The Mandalorian to be just another filler entry for Season 2 and boy, were we ever wrong! Chapter 14 delivered a lot of intense action and a massive cliffhanger that left our jaws dropping to the floor. For starters, "The Tragedy" marks the return of two Star Wars characters, Fennec Shand and Boba Fett who have apparently formed a special alliance thanks to Fett saving Shand from a near-death experience.


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The episode begins with Din Djarin and Grogu (yeah, we better get used to calling Baby Yoda that) arriving on the planet Tython in search of the mysterious Jedi temple which could lead them to the person who will train the Force-wielding fellow. Right off the bat, they spot the said temple and Mando places Grogu on the rock, commanding him to use his powers to call the Jedi. It seems like it wouldn't work at first but a strong force suddenly engulfs The Child during the ritual, Shand arrives on Tython with Fett who is apparently after his Mandalorian armor.

The Galactic Empire then arrives at the scene to cause mayhem which left the trio with no choice but to briefly team-up in true The Mandalorian fashion. They were eventually successful in fending off the Stormtroopers but the real "tragedy" came after that. Now, in what could be best described as the episode's most shocking moment, Moff Gideon and his crew, aboard the light cruiser, also appear in Tython and their first move was to blow up the Razor Crest. Just one strike from the cruiser's laser blaster was enough to completely obliterate Mando's ship, rendering it pretty much non-existent after that.

Now that his trusty spaceship has been crushed to bits, this could totally mean that Mando is set for a vehicle update but let's be real here, the Razor Crest was already perfect. But still, they could go the route of creating a second version of the Razor Crest since the ship has already become so iconic. We'll see what happens next.

Chapter 14 of The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.

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