The Batman: Fans are Shocked After Learning Robert Pattinson's 'Low' Salary

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August 19, 2021  02:16 PM

The idea of Robert Pattinson playing Batman on the big screen was something DC fans didn't take seriously when it was first announced but after Warner Bros. dropped the official trailer for Matt Reeves' The Batman and got a taste of Pattinson's intense take on the Dark Knight, the general fan perception towards the actor quickly changed.


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Considering it's a major character in a major franchise he is playing, one would assume that Pattinson was paid handsomely for his involvement. Turns out, he wasn't. As reported by Variety, RPatz only got $3 million for starring in The Batman which is criminally low by today's standards. Not only that, but this bit makes him the lowest-paid Batman actor in film history, tying the record with Val Kilmer who was also paid 3 million for Batman Forever

Considering his A-list status, it does come as a shock how Pattinson was given such a low salary for a potential blockbuster and unsurprisingly, DC fans share the same sentiment. Taking to Twitter, some people expressed their bewilderment after learning about the Twilight actor's pay. Check out some of the reactions below:


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I honestly find it shocking that Pattinson agreed to get paid that sum given the fact that he's considered an A-list actor but that speaks volumes on how eager he truly is to work on the project. Assuming The Batman becomes a blockbuster hit and I hope it will be, it's almost safe to say the Pattinson will get a pay raise for the sequel.

The Batman hits cinemas in 2022.



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