Supergirl Star Says She's Scared Fans Might Think She's Trying to Copy Elizabeth Olsen

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April 08, 2021  01:05 PM

Supergirl star Nicole Maines is carving her own path in the world of comic book franchises and so far, she's doing pretty great on her own. In fact, the 23-year-old actress is on the right track as the first transgender female to become a superhero. As Nial Nal aka Dreamer in the hit CW series, Nicole wields her own set of impressive super abilities but according to her, she can't help but feel anxious about her portrayal of the character, especially with someone like Scarlet Witch around who's definitely riding the wave of momentum as of late.

In a new interview, Maines opened up about her amazing superhero journey so far and reveals that she's trying her best not to look like she's imitating WandaVision star, Elizabeth Olsen. While Dreamer and Wanda Maximoff have completely different sets of powers, both characters use their hands to wield them.

Speaking with Buzzfeed, Nicole says that she's been extra conscious of her hand and body movements because she's afraid that fans might notice the similarities between her and Wanda, and of course, comparisons are oftentimes never great. She explains: "And, these days, with the massive success of WandaVision, I'm just trying not to look like I'm ripping off Scarlet Witch with my hands. Now, I've never been so conscious of bending my fingers, especially my ring finger. Now I'm like, 'Keep your hands out or else people are going to think you're Wanda!'"

Maines added that she's a huge fan of the Marvel show while expressing her awareness about copying the character. "Totally! She's amazing and I'm just sitting here thinking, 'Girl, I'm sorry. I'm really trying not to steal your gig or rip off your moves or anything.' I'm really hyperaware of it now," Maines said. "We just shot a scene where it's a close-up of my hands, and I was thinking the whole time, 'Extend your fingers, don't bend a single one. Try not to channel Elizabeth Olsen.'"

Setting aside the comparisons, Nicole has nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, the actress has a lot of things to be proud of as she has undoubtedly become a hero for the entire trans community. Hopefully, following the conclusion of Supergirl, Maines will continue to land roles in the comic book world because she's been great as Dreamer.

Supergirl airs new episodes every Tuesday on The CW. 

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