PlayStation Gamers Troll Ellen DeGeneres for PS6 Joke

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November 25, 2020  10:46 AM

The PS5 craze is slowly sweeping the gaming community and a lot of fans have been patiently waiting to get their hands on their respective units. With all the hype surrounding Sony's newest gaming console, TV host Ellen DeGeneres is drawing flak on social media following a PlayStation joke. The ever-so-controversial multimedia celebrity seemingly threw shade at Sony for their slow releases compared to Apple's flagship smartphone. In a tweet, Ellen wrote, "200 years in the future... ‘Honey, have you seen my iPhone 378? I need it to preorder my PS6.’"

Obviously, gamers were having none of her usual antics so they decided to troll Ellen on Twitter into oblivion with a lot of them criticizing the talk show host for her "unfunny" remarks. See some of the reactions below:

I hate to be that guy but I think Ellen does make a pretty good point with the joke she made. Whether you'd like to admit it or not, it does take Sony quite a long time to release new consoles but to their defense, their previous console releases are pretty damn durable and have proven to last quite a few years, as long as they're handled properly. Even their PlayStation 1 which came out 20 something years ago still works fine for some gamers today.

Sony's PlayStation 5 was released last November 12 in the US.

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