Obi-Wan Series: Jar Jar Binks Will Reportedly Sport a New Look in the Show

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January 26, 2021  10:34 AM

Star Wars fans rejoiced in 2019 when it was announced that Ewan McGregor was set to make his triumphant return to the franchise to reprise his iconic role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in a standalone spinoff series. A year later, it was confirmed that his co-star Hayden Christensen will also be part of the said show which will be set post-Revenge of the Sith.


If those returns weren't enough for you, new rumors suggest that Jar Jar Binks could also be making his comeback in Obi-Wan much to the chagrin of his critics who have long hated the Naboo native Gungan. Now, according to the latest scoop from Making Star Wars, Jar Jar could be undergoing a major change in his appearance.

The foolish Gungan who has always sported a clean-shaven look in the franchise is said to be sporting a beard in the forthcoming series. The idea of him having facial hair seems pretty unsettling but we'll leave it up to you to imagine how he'd end up looking.

Sure, Jar Jar may have been one of the prequel trilogy's most divisive characters but we can't deny the fact that he can already be considered a Star Wars icon regardless of the reaction he generates.

If anything, the Obi-Wan series could help bring more substance to the character and finally turn Binks into a fan-favorite. Of course, that is all wishful thinking for now so let's just wait and see how they'll pull everything off.

Obi-Wan is set for release in 2022.

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