Marvel Plans to Keep The Punisher's Skull Logo for MCU Reboot Despite Outrage

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February 10, 2021  03:48 PM

Marvel's iconic vigilante Frank Castle aka The Punisher was recently dragged into controversy following the chaotic Capitol protests. To those unaware, several groups and rioters caused mayhem in Washington, D.C. all while wearing the character's white skull emblem. 

The situation was blown out of proportion real quick that a lot of fans have demanded the comic book giant to "retire" the said logo which has defined the character for close to five decades now. Even the star of the hit Netflix series The Punisher Jon Bernthal was left with no choice but to voice out his opinions amid the controversy.

In a Twitter post from last month, Bernthal reiterated that his Marvel character doesn't stand for anything the Capitol protesters represent, saying that the fans who are calling for the logo change are "misguided, lost, and afraid."


Now, speaking of Bernthal, rumors have been circulating since last month that Marvel Studios plans to keep him as Frank Castle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe via a reboot. As for The Punisher's logo being replaced and removed altogether, the folks over at Geekosity are reporting that Marvel has zero plans of changing the logo.

In fact, they claim that Marvel Studios intends to keep the now-controversial skull logo for the character's MCU reboot which I think is great considering Punisher would look "wrong" without his iconic emblem. Now, I just wish people would stop making a big deal out of something so small and pointless. The Punisher isn't synonymous with the Capitol riots, end of the story.

The Punisher ended its run back in January 2019.

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