Joe Manganiello Reveals Hesitation to Return to Marvel Despite Getting New Offer

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April 19, 2021  10:53 AM

Joe Manganiello has been getting a lot of love from the entire geek community as of late thanks to his involvement in Zack Snyder's Justice League as Deathstroke which even led to an online campaign demanding HBO Max to work on a standalone project starring the iconic Batman villain with a potential appearance from Ben Affleck who he was originally slated to do Matt Reeves' solo The Batman project.

Now, a lot of you may have forgotten about it but the actor is already no stranger to taking on comic book film roles, having originally appeared in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy as Peter Parker's school bully Flash Thompson but his character's involvement in the iconic Marvel film series didn't really take him anywhere and Flash wasn't really given a proper moment to shine.

Now, fast forward to almost 20 years following his Marvel debut, the DCEU actor is opening up about the possibility of him reprising his Spider-Man role now that the MCU is diving into the multiverse. Apparently, a return as Flash doesn't exactly appeal to him, and during an appearance on the Justice Con, Manganiello expressed his disinterest in coming back to the role especially if he's only going to do a cameo.

He explains: "With Sony doing Sinister Six and putting together their mega-verse, and also with the X-Men coming over to Disney, the possibility of Secret Wars surfacing at some point in the future, I just think there are so many amazing characters in Marvel... and I will say that I was actually offered a part in a Marvel film a few years ago."

Joe continued: "I grew up on Marvel comics, so if I was going to join the universe, I really want it to be the right role. And I think sometimes you have to hold out for that right one. So... a little cameo as Flash Thompson, I don't know. I'd rather do something more substantive... somebody that can stick around for a while, or at least have a really great role in one of the movies."

Given the way that Flash was only presented as a stereotypical bully and nothing more, I can't fault Manganiello for being hesitant about reprising the role and I do agree with him, there's a lot of Marvel characters for him to play and while he didn't exactly go into detail about Marvel's new offer, it's safe to assume that the role wasn't the right fit for him.

Meanwhile, Zack Snyder's Justice League is still streaming on HBO Max.

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