James Gunn Debunks Major Rumor Surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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April 16, 2021  04:14 PM

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee has been a main fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the franchise's inception up until his demise in 2018 and his most notable contribution to the MCU besides the creation of some of its characters is of course his quirky and endearing cameos and the idea of Lee not being able to do his usual gig anymore is still a hard pill to swallow when you think about it. 

Speaking of his iconic Marvel cameos, a lot of you may not be aware of it but there's been ongoing hearsay surrounding Stan Lee's wacky appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. According to persistent rumors, the Marvel Comics icon's post-credit scene appearance in the 2017 film was originally intended to be more controversial with Stan giving Groot the middle finger.

Disney was allegedly against the idea and the scene was changed with Lee and the Watchers. Now, four years after the film came out, director James Gunn is debunking the major GOTG rumor. Taking to his official Twitter account, Gunn confirmed that the supposed scene was originally intended to be Stan's cameo. However, he clarified that Disney had nothing to do with the decision and it was in fact his idea to change the scene.

Responding to a fan on Twitter about the Stan Lee rumor, Gunn explained: "This is inaccurate. This was the original cameo, yes, but I chose to change it, not Disney because we cut the scene it was way down & it felt like too many beats." 

It can't be denied that Stan Lee's passing left a huge void in the Marvel universe that will be hard to fill and seeing an MCU project just feels incomplete without the charismatic comic book writer appearing in some capacity. But at least, he lived a full life and went out on his terms. Now, we celebrate him and his contributions not only to the world of comics but to pop culture in general as well.

Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is in active development.

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