Moon Knight Image Proves Fans are Still Hopeful for Keanu Reeves MCU Casting

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October 12, 2020  10:39 AM


It seems like Marvel Studios is about to begin production for the upcoming MCU spinoff series Moon Knight. We reported a couple of weeks back that the casting process has already begun for the Disney+ show although the identity of the actor who will take on the role of Marc Spector has yet to be revealed, diehard Marvel fans already have a star in mind — none other than John Wick actor Keanu Reeves.

Reeves has always been the top choice amongst fans to play the brooding and badass Marvel character since the project's official announcement last year and it isn't too hard to see why his name always seems to pop up in every fan casting conversation considering he actually fits the bill, even though some fans would like to see a younger actor take on the role. Now, one artist on Instagram took the liberty to imagine The Matrix star as Marc Spector and he's looking pretty jacked than usual. A much more seasoned Moon Knight, perhaps? See it for yourself below:



Keanu Reeves as Moon Knight #keanureeves #moonknight #marvelstudios #erathrim

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Sure, we've seen countless images and fan art depicting Keanu as Moon Knight but it only goes to show that fans are still totally behind the idea of him and only him entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the beloved comics character. Previous reports have suggested that Keanu also happens to be Marvel Studios' top choice to play the role but we've yet to hear new development regarding those rumors. He was also rumored to play Adam Warlock in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 but no official confirmation has been made. Personally, I'd be down to see him in the MCU somewhere down the line but of course, it'll be up to him and the good folks over at Marvel Studios to decide. Let's just wait for further announcements, I guess.

Other details about Moon Knight are still being kept under wraps.

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