Guardians of the Galaxy Star Chris Pratt is the Worst Hollywood Chris According to Debate

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October 26, 2020  12:46 PM


Hollywood's "Battle of the Chrises" has been reignited following the backlash Chris Pratt received last week for not participating in Joe Biden's virtual fundraiser event. The said political event was hosted by the Avengers franchise co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo and featured some of Chris' MCU peers. A lot of fans raised their eyebrows and accused Pratt of being a white supremacist and a Trump supporter. The Marvel star chose not to address the issue and he's since been on a social media hiatus.

Now, Twitter has once again sparked the argument amongst fans with the good old "one has to go" debate which features Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt. All four Chrises have long been pitted by fans on social media but this time around, things got a little too personal as the entire Twitterverse seemed to have a unanimous stand against the Star-Lord actor. 

The post instantly turned into a hate thread for the Guardians of the Galaxy star and the amount of flack he drew in the post says a lot about how people feel about him these days. Check out some of the reactions here:


While I believe in everyone's right to freedom of expression, fans have undoubtedly abused their voices and have gone overboard with the entire situation. I mean, we don't know if the allegations thrown at Pratt are even true and a lot of his co-stars have jumped to his defense. Welp, I guess cancel culture has claimed yet another victim. But again, I admire how Chris is handling the entire fiasco. It's hard to keep your cool when the entire world is seemingly ganging up on you. Hopefully, this issue finally subsides.


In other news, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 is currently in development.

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