Gina Carano Hits Back at Twitter for Putting Sensitive Content Warning on Her Profile

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April 06, 2021  01:52 PM

Gina Carano's life has already become somewhat of an open book to a lot of us and over the last couple of months, she's been using social media to voice out her opinions regarding socio-political issues which in the end got her in huge trouble resulting in her being relieved of her Star Wars contract by Disney and Lucasfilm.

For months now, Carano has been accusing social media, specifically Twitter of filtering the opinions she airs on her own platform. Turns out, there might be some truth to her claims after all as Twitter has allegedly put a "sensitive content warning" on Carano's profile.

Aside from that, Carano's profile no longer appears on Twitter's search tab unless you go directly to her page. User @thatstarwarsgrl first brought up the matter on her own page and it won't be long until it got the attention of the former Cara Dune actress.


Known for her feisty remarks and no holds barred commentary, the former mixed martial arts fighter didn't exert much effort into calling people out as she would normally resort to doing and instead just decided to throw shade at the social media platform by posting a selfie captioned with "sensitive content". Check out her response here:


While I don't mean to point fingers and jump to conclusions, it looks quite evident that Twitter has a personal vendetta against Carano and one would assume that Disney has something to do with it which I guess isn't too farfetched to think about considering the company's pull and influence. On the other hand, you really can't fault them for restricting Carano's profile considering her history of controversial tweets which may have violated their policies.

Carano is expected to direct, produce, and star in her own film with the help of Ben Shapiro's The Daily Wire.

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