Dave Filoni Always Knew that Rosario Dawson was Meant to Play Ahsoka Tano

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December 03, 2020  12:11 PM


It's already safe to say at this point that Rosario Dawson made a lasting impression on Star Wars fans, exceeding expectations with her live-action performance of Ahsoka Tano in Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian. Before anyone believed in her ability to breathe life into the character in the series, famed Star Wars writer Dave Filoni has always been behind the idea of casting Dawson in the role and as proven by the previous episode, Filoni was right all along. 



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In a recent Vanity Fair feature, the Clone Wars and Rebels director said that long before The Mandalorian was conceptualized, he always knew that Rosario was destined to play the fierce Jedi after seeing a picture of her with Star Wars alumnus Hayden Christensen. He said, "When I was first exploring the possibility of directing live-action, I asked [Lucasfilm president] Kathleen Kennedy about casting and when you knew someone was right for a part. She thought about it and said, “You just know.” And she was right. When I met Rosario, I just knew she was right for Ahsoka. Yes, there was the tweet and her interest in the part; yes, she has been in action movies and is a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy stories; yes, she knew Hayden Christensen, and pictures of them together look like Anakin and Ahsoka. But in the end, when I met her and we talked, I just knew."

Now, that's quite the endorsement from Filoni and if it wasn't obvious enough, the guy knows better and he always has. With Rosario's Ahsoka debut creating a ton of buzz in the geek community, it's safe to assume that she could be sticking around in the show which is said to continue for at least two more seasons. In the end, we all win.

The Mandalorian Season 2 is streaming on Disney+.

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