Daniel Brühl is Grateful to Marvel Studios for Keeping Zemo's Viral Dance Scene

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April 15, 2021  04:12 PM

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier surprised a lot of fans by portraying Helmut Zemo as a more grounded and laid back character and this side of the Captain America: Civil War villain previously unbeknownst to a lot of fans instantly became a crowd-pleaser. Zemo would even become a hot topic on social media after his brief dance sequence in Episode 3 which later resulted in Marvel Studios releasing an hour-long cut of Zemo just vibing.

Actor Daniel Brühl has revealed in previous interviews that the viral scene was actually improvised and at first, he wasn't even sure if it will make it in the final cut of the said episode. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Daniel explained the true meaning behind Zemo's "new" demeanor. He said: "What we see in Madripoor, this is Zemo. It wasn’t on the page, it was improvised. I thought it was so much fun because this guy has been sitting and rotting in a German prison cell. So, it’s time to let off some steam. I like the way that Sam and Buck react to it, being truly annoyed. I thought for Zemo, his tactic is the more noticeable you are in that moment, the less suspicion that you arouse. But, I think Sam and Bucky clearly see that differently."

He would later express his delight over Marvel Studios' decision to keep the dance sequence when they could've just ignored it. He added: "Another thing that I’m very happy they kept was the dance. There are some moments where you’re not sure if they’ll really keep it in the final cut, but they did. And that’s something I enjoy so much about working with Marvel in general. They create this atmosphere of looseness, fearlessness, and joy. That’s the way it should be"

There's no denying that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was able to turn Zemo into a very likable character and as weird as it may sound, I'd be bummed out if he ends up doing something horrific again. He plays the role of an anti-hero perfectly and it would be a shame if he just ends up becoming a generic villain.

The latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+.

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