Batman & Robin Star George Clooney Admits That He Sucked as Batman

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November 23, 2020  11:42 AM


Batman fans widely regard George Clooney as the worst on-screen version of the caped crusader and apparently, the Hollywood stud has no problem admitting that he was indeed a terrible Batman. Clooney's first and only outing as the Dark Knight came in 1997's Batman & Robin and as it failed to meet expectations, Clooney quietly left the franchise even though a supposed sequel starring him was actually in the works.


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In a new interview with GQ, Clooney says that he blames himself for the film's failure. He said, "The only way you can honestly talk about things is to include yourself and your shortcomings in those things. Like, when I say Batman & Robin‘s a terrible film, I always go, ‘I was terrible in it’. Because I was, number one. But also because then it allows you the ability to say, ‘Having said I sucked in it, I can also say that none of these other elements worked, either’. You know? Lines like, 'Freeze, Freeze!'"

Not gonna lie, I adored Batman & Robin as a kid but as I grew older, I eventually became aware of the things that made the Joel Schumacher-directed film a horrible piece of a superhero movie which is a huge shame considering Batman Forever was pretty tolerable and effectively mixed dark and comedic undertones without being overly campy. I also believe that Clooney, all things considered, was an actually decent Batman and it just sucks that he wasn't given the chance to redeem himself but I guess it's a little too late for that.

Speaking of the caped crusader, Robert Pattinson's The Batman is hitting cinemas in 2022.

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