Baby Yoda's Space Macarons Actually Exist and They're Ridiculously Pricey

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November 25, 2020  10:35 AM

The Mandalorian's Chapter 12 solidified one thing: Baby Yoda is a massive snacker and he'll do whatever it takes just to get his food fix. In the fun "The Siege" episode, The Child was seen stealing a pack of cookies from another kid that almost resembled the iconic French confectionery Macarons. The neon-blue sweet treats looked pretty enticing and I can't really fault the creature for wanting to sink his teeth into them. In case anyone was wondering, the Space Macarons (let's just call it that) actually exist and you can get your hands on them as well via Williams Sonoma.

The luxury brand is selling the decadent treats officially referred to as "Nevarro Nummies", but they are ridiculously expensive. One pack of them will cost you almost 50 dollars and it only consists of 12 cookies. Sure, they look totally inviting but are they truly worth the hype though? I'll leave that up to you. You can go get your fix here.

This doesn't come as a shock anymore as it's pretty evident that the folks over at Lucasfilm will do everything in their power to cash-in on The Child's growing popularity and quite frankly, why shouldn't they? Baby Yoda has arguably become the Star Wars brand's new face and fans seem to can't get enough of the adorable fellow. The question now is, what antics will he come up with in the next episode?

The Mandalorian Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

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