Aquaman's Amber Heard Throws Shade at Fans, Says She's Good at Being a Villain

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January 05, 2021  03:28 PM

Aquaman star Amber Heard may be playing an inspirational female hero in the DC Extended Universe but behind the scenes, she's being portrayed by many as a bonafide villain all thanks to her highly publicized personal issues with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman.

Currently. Heard stars in CBS All Access' series The Stand, an adaptation of Stephen King's hit novel where she plays the role of Nadine, a woman torn between doing what's right and just being pure evil.

In her recent interview with The Hindu, Amber shared her preparations for her new role and how exactly she interpreted the character. "During the course of the show, I’ve tried to do Nadine justice and bring out her humanity. A seducer can also be vulnerable, right? The seduction and vulnerability are not mutually exclusive. I don’t feel as a woman, I have to apologize for one in order to justify the other or vice versa. I think Nadine is no more of a seducer than she is a survivor; she’s using the tools that she has to survive in a world that’s treated her a certain way."

The ever-so-controversial actress also seemed to throw shade at her detractors, claiming that she's a pretty effective villain. "Both Nadina and Mera are totally different. What I seem to be really good at is getting an audience to believe in the villainous woman character! (laughs). Actually, in Aquaman, it was a bit of a departure for me to play someone who’s not using her womanly ways to bring evil to the world. But Nadine, on the other hand, is a character coming with a lot of psychological baggage."

The Justice League star continued: "There’s a lot of preparation for frankly, how people behave when they have been groomed. Owning her journey was understanding people who come out of cults or those who have committed horrendous crimes."

It's no secret that Amber is also a feisty individual who's ready to fire back at fans if necessary and at this point, I believe that she's just out to troll fans and she doesn't care anymore if the hate towards her increases. One thing's for sure though, fans won't get tired of throwing criticism at her until she's proven guilty of the allegations.

Amber Heard is scheduled to return in Aquaman 2.

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