WandaVision: Possible Details on Wanda and Vision's Children

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November 19, 2019  01:21 PM


While the Avengers films only treated the romance between Wanda and Vision as a footnote, the two will actually make the spotlight in Disney+’s upcoming WandaVision series. The show promises to be a bizarre dive into Wanda’s powers, and rumor has it that they will have children on the show.

This comes from MCU Cosmic that reports that the show has already cast infants to play twins , and now they have twin eight-year-old boys cast to play characters codenamed Adam and Timmy. It’s said that the twins will gradually grow throughout the show, being infants during the 50s sitcom setting, children in the 70s/80s backdrop, then teenagers in a modern comedy format.

In the comics, Wanda and Vision couldn’t conceive properly since Vision was an android, so Wanda got kids through magic. Their sons in the comics are named Thomas and William, and they both grow up to be members of the Young Avengers, Speed and Wiccan.

We don’t know what to expect with WandaVision yet, but I’m ready for a trippy reality-altering show that’s a step above Doctor Strange. After all, Scarlet Witch is known to be one of the most powerful mutants, and so far the films have just delegated her into moving things with her mind. I would love to see her go absolutely nuts for the show. It’s likely this will also lead into her partnership with Strange in the upcoming sequel, Multiverse of Madness.

For now, WandaVision is set to come out in the spring of 2021.

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