The Mandalorian Wields the Darksaber in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Mod

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November 25, 2020  01:49 PM

Fans were kind of bummed when it was revealed that Xbox wasn’t teasing a Mandalorian game, but that hasn’t stopped the community from trying to bring Din Djarin to the world of interactive arts.  A new mod for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order makes the Mando a playable character, and it’s probably the closest we get to a Mando video game.

This comes from AlexPo, and you can watch it in action here thanks to RedSunGamer, who has even added a Darksaber mod:

You can even adjust the mode so that Din could be wearing the jetpack or not. While it is a cool accessory, it’s also great to see Mando with that flowing cape as he slices through stormtroopers.

You can download the mod here.

We don’t know when The Mandalorian is going to get a video game, but with the expansive world of Star Wars, it’s only a matter of time. While shooters like Battlefront II are fun, fans are looking for that action-adventure campaign shooter that could be likened to the Uncharted series— and Mando has all the perfect elements to make that game work. Heck, they can probably use the finished elements that were originally for the canceled Project Ragtag.

In the meantime, the next big game that fans are gearing up for is LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga which comes out in 2021. The sequel to Fallen Order is also in the works, but we don’t have a release window for that one yet. I’d guess 2022 is a realistic release date, but if they really want to polish this game and make it massive, we could be looking at something coming out in 2023 upwards.

For now, you can catch The Mandalorian Season 2 on Disney+.

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