The Dragon Prince 2 Officially Coming in February

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January 16, 2019  11:10 AM

Aaron Ehasz did some amazing work with Avatar: The Last Airbender and a lot of people wanted to see what he had in store with his Netflix show, The Dragon Prince. The first season premiered last year, and the good news is, Season 2 isn’t so far behind.

According to the official Twitter account, The Dragon Prince 2 will be premiering Feb. 15:

With that in mind, we could be getting a trailer drop for the show soon. There’s been a leaked image of a Sunfire elf going around, and the official account has decided to release an HD look.

Like Avatar, it looks like TDP will be separating each season in the form of books. The first season was titled Moon, and I’m guessing Season 2 will be titled Sun this time around. In the lore, there are actually six main sources of magic—Moon, Sun, Sky, Stars, Ocean, and Earth— seven if you count Dark Magic. I guess that means that the showrunners are planning at least six seasons of The Dragon Prince.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get canceled before it ends.

Though I am more of a fan of the animation used for Avatar, the world of The Dragon Prince is no less interesting. The characters for the show are also very well rounded, and Avatar fans will notice a familiar formula when it comes to the main protagonists. You have the young optimist (Aang/Ezran), the kickass female (Katara/Rayla), and the funny older sibling voiced by Jack De Sena (Sokka/Callum).

Catch The Dragon Prince 2 when it premieres on Netflix Feb. 15.

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