The Best Memes to Come Out of Game of Thrones 8 Episode 5

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May 13, 2019  05:47 PM

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have once again disappointed with the second to the last episode of Game of Thrones 8, but as the quality for writing goes down, the number of memes goes up online. Here are just a select few of the best reactions to the latest episode The Bells.






Simply put from r/freefolk


Don't let small details ruin this long awaited reunion. from r/freefolk


when the lannisters surrender but you still have 40 minutes to fill from r/freefolk


Watching the trailer for E6 like from r/freefolk


Cersei walking past The Hound and The Mountain like, from r/freefolk


What did it cost... from r/freefolk


Jamie Lannister's full character arc in one image from r/freefolk


We’ve all done it... from r/freefolk


Episode 5 from r/freefolk


Oh gods oh fuck Dany has Airpods in, she can't hear the bells from r/freefolk


In memory of our boy, the Night King, who tried to save us from the remainder of this season. from r/freefolk


"It's over Sandor. I have the high ground" from r/freefolk


Just like the Night King was suddenly turned into a subplot for the season, it looks like a lot of character arcs are ending with little satisfaction. While Cersei was made to be the ultimate villain at the beginning of Season 8, the final episode is now geared up to make it a clash between Daenerys and Jon. I think I’m not alone when it comes to thinking that the show basically assassinated Dany’s character for the final season. Even if she was to become the villain eventually, I think having her turn in the course of six episodes was annoyingly quick.

For now, a lot of people are looking at the books to give them the satisfying ending that they want. Rumor has it that George R.R. Martin has actually finished writing two of the last books for A Song of Ice and Fire, but he’s made some kind of deal with HBO to release it only after their show wraps. Again, it’s just a rumor, but hopefully, it has some truth to it. If anything, it’s like Martin is using the show as some kind of elaborate beta test so that he could write an ending that the fans can get behind.

Catch the finale for Game of Thrones 8 on HBO this Sunday night.

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