Star Wars The Last Jedi: Mark Hamill Assures Fans Disney Has Not Been Telling Him What To Say

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By Bayani Miguel Acebedo | More Articles Star Wars nerd. Toy collector. Occasional Cosplayer.
December 30, 2017  06:28 PM

Mark Hamill had seemingly justified the whining of a million fanboys when he said that the Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi was not his Luke Skywalker, but he has since come back to explain that though he disagreed with Rian Johnson’s direction for the character, he still loved what the final product turned out to be. Now with people saying that Disney or Lucasfilm had forced him to retract his statement, Hamill confirms that all his actions were his own.

Going to Twitter, Hamill posted:

I'm really enjoying the conversations about #TheLastJedi both Pro AND Con. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion-but let me make one thing perfectly clear: Neither @Disney or #Lucasfilm has complained or told me what to say- EVER. #PeriodEndOfStory ❤️-mh

— @HamillHimself (@HamillHimself) December 29, 2017

His initial comment of TLJ’s Luke not being his Luke had also caused quite a stir in the fandom, and Hamill had earlier stated his regret with voicing out his opinions in public. What some people don’t take into context, however, was the fact that Hamill had said that he admitted he was wrong after seeing the movie and that him being pushed out of his comfort zone was a good thing.

EXACTLY! Exactly......

— The Stupendous Wave (@StupendousWave) December 25, 2017

All in all, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has caused quite a huge divide in the fandom, but that doesn’t mean that the movie hasn’t been raking in the money in the box office. TLJ is nearing the billion dollar mark, and is coming out to be one of the most successful films of 2017.

Plus, I’m really enjoying Mark Hamill back in spotlight. The guy’s an absolute delight, and it’s fun to see his face back in front of the camera.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now out in theaters.

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