Star Wars: The High Republic Shows Off ‘Proper’ Crossguard Lightsaber

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September 23, 2020  04:00 PM

While Kylo Ren’s crossguard lightsaber looked pretty cool, a lot of people admit that the design felt kind of impractical. What’s interesting though, is that crossguard sabers were actually common in the canon, and we have a new look at ‘lightsaber Excalibur’ for Star Wars: The High Republic.

These images of Stellan Gios’ crossguard saber come from


Lucasfilm Publishing’s creative director Michael Siglain had this to say about the saber:

“We wanted to make the Jedi distinctive and instantly recognizable as Jedi Knights of the High Republic, and that applies not only to their clothing but to their lightsabers, as well… Internally, we often refer to the Jedi of this era as ‘the Jedi Knights of the Round Table.’ Taking that idea one step further, their sabers can be viewed as their own versions of Excalibur.”

The design actually looks pretty neat, and I think it’s very fancy that the lightsaber folds up when it’s not ignited. While Kylo Ren’s lightsaber was supposed to feature ‘vents’ to release excess energy from the blade, this version of the weapon looks like it was done purposefully to block incoming attacks.



Though the Prequel Trilogy had shown us the fall of the Republic, it’s going to be interesting to see how the ancient Jedi contributed to its rise. While I think there’s more worth exploring in the Sequel Trilogy era, I guess the High Republic will be something for the more adult fans who like to read the books and learn about the extended lore.

Gios’ crossguard saber features in Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection and the book will be available come Oct. 20.

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