Solo: A Star Wars Story Co-Writer Wonders if Movie Would Have Succeeded if Released in December

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December 23, 2018  03:47 PM


Solo: A Star Wars Story has come out to be the first ‘flop’ for Lucasfilm’s Disney era, and admittedly the movie underperformed when it came out. Now co-writer Jon Kasdan is wondering out loud on Twitter if the movie would have succeeded should it have come out in December?

He posts:

If you think that Solo failed because it was a ‘bad’ movie, that hardly seems to be the case. Anyone who saw the film admits that the movie is pretty good, and some Last Jedi haters say that it actually brought them back into the franchise after viewing.

Ultimately, the nails in the coffin of Solo fell on the marketing of the movie. After Lucasfilm opted to fire original directors Lord and Miller, they requested Disney to give them the release date in December, which Disney refused. Lucasfilm then had to rush the entire movie all in time for their original May release date.

What’s more, Disney CEO Bob Iger admitted that he was to blame for the poor marketing of Solo, seeing that the company wanted to focus on pushing Avengers: Infinity War. By the time Solo came out, awareness was at a low. Not to mention some Star Wars “fans” opted to boycott the movie after their outrage from The Last Jedi.

So would Solo have succeeded better if it came out this month? The odds are definitely better. If Disney had only marketed the movie better and the fans were given enough time to digest The Last Jedi, maybe Solo would have opened with better numbers.

With Solo ultimately teasing a sequel, a lot of fans are hoping that Lucasfilm gives the movie the greenlight soon. Alden Ehrenreich was fantastic as Han Solo, and this new branch of bandits and mercenaries is a fun diversion from the main Star Wars conflict of the Dark Side and the Light.

If anything, not all great movies had good box office runs. If we push enough to #MakeSolo2Happen, maybe Lucasfilm will revisit the possibility.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now available for home video.

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