Natasha’s Team Comes Together in New Promo Image for Black Widow

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March 12, 2020  12:06 PM

Despite Coronavirus fears, Marvel Studios is pushing forward with their May release of Black Widow. We just got out final trailer for the movie, and now we have a good look at Natasha’s team as well as the main villain Taskmaster.

Check it out:

What’s curious is, Red Guardian (David Harbour) looks a but more cleaned up and lean here, so I have a feeling that this is supposed to be an image of him from the past. Besides that, we have Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, and I’m excited to see her join the MCU, possibly as the Avengers’ new Black Widow.

And of course, the image doesn’t contain Rachel Weisz’s Melina, who everyone is already suspecting is the villain. While I initially thought that she was the one behind the Taskmaster mask, the final trailer actually introduces the concept of mind control; so maybe the Taskmaster is just some poor bloke that Melina is controlling to do her bidding—not unlike the villain Screenslaver in The Incredibles 2.

I’ll admit, reception for this movie is kind of underwhelming, and with the Coronavirus out, everyone has more dire things to worry about. Either way, May is still far away from today, and there’s a lot of time for the virus outbreak to get contained.

At birth the Black Widow (aka Natasha Romanova) is given to the KGB, which grooms her to become its ultimate operative. When the U.S.S.R. breaks up, the government tries to kill her as the action moves to present-day New York, where she is a freelance operative.

Black Widow comes out May 1.

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