Logan Director Thinks The Next Wolverine Will Don the Classic Costume

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May 28, 2020  12:51 PM

Director James Mangold had recently held a watch party for his critically acclaimed Logan, and he’s been revealing a lot of things online about Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie. Mangold has confirmed that Jackman did NOT wear the classic gear, but he does think the next iteration of the character will.

Mangold posted on Twitter, “Everything about his character as I understand it, would keep him from donning a self promoting "uniform". I'm sure the next incarnation of the Wolverine will go there.”



With characters like Doctor Strange and Thanos looking pretty comic-accurate, you can bet that Marvel Studios is going to find a way to get the classic yellow tights on whoever the next Wolverine is going to be. If they found a way to get Scarlet Witch wearing the classic comic outfit, they can do the same for every other character.

As of now, we don’t know when the next iteration of the X-Men is going to come back onscreen. We know that there has to be some distance after the release of the last X-Men movie, so it’s likely we could get something in the next 3–5 years.

While some people have been clamoring for Hugh Jackman to come back, I think it’s time someone else was cast as a comic-accurate Wolverine; short and gruff. Personally, I think they shouldn’t introduce Logan until the second X-Men film, but who knows what Marvel is cooking up behind the scenes?

For now, the next MCU film is Black Widow, and it’s set to come out on Nov. 6.

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