HBO's Watchmen: Peteypedia Releases Medical Record of Cal Abar

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December 03, 2019  12:24 PM



The big reveals just seem to keep coming with HBO’s Watchmen, and the last episode has dropped the bombshell that Angela Abar’s husband Cal had been Dr. Manhattan in disguise this whole time. While we expect the whole story to be explained in next week’s episode, Peteypedia has released a medical chart for Cal, possibly detailing Manhattan’s first transformation into Cal.

You can read the medical chart from HBO here.

While the first pages are kind of inconsequential details, a lot of interesting info is put down in the Doctor’s comments. For one, this is supposedly after Cal’s accident, and we get to see the doctor treating him for loss of memory and brain damage. It’s interesting to see how Angela did most of the talking during the examination, and Cal was said to be very composed—which is unusual for a fugue patient.

It’s also said that he “took great interest in my Dr. Manhattan bobblehead,” which is a neat little detail.

Hopefully, the whole story comes to light by the end of the next episode. Sure it’s crazy that Cal is Dr. Manhattan, but how exactly did he fall in love with Angela, and how did they end up turning him into a human?

With only two episodes left, Watchmen has managed to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. At this point, I’m hoping they just keep it to one season, because I don’t know how they plan to move forward after a season that’s so compact and narratively tight.

Catch Watchmen Sunday nights on HBO.

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