GOTG Concept Art Shows Off Alternate Looks for Gamora and the Milano

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December 23, 2018  04:18 PM


With James Gunn getting fired earlier this year, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been delayed indefinitely. For now, all we can do with the franchise is just look to the past. Visual director Charlie Wen shares this cool concept of an alternate look for Gamora, plus the Milano.

Check it:

With Guardians revealing that Gamora was the ‘daughter’ of Thanos, this pink/purpke skin on her actually makes it look more like they’re actual kin. Gamora has always been green in the comics, and I guess this design flaunts that by giving her a green outfit.

I also love the simplified look for the Milano which makes it look a bit more ragtag than the ship we actually got in the film. I have to say, though I do love the Guardians movies, I kind of wish the Milano had a more iconic design, If anything, it looked just like the other Ravager ships and it wasn’t even too different from Quill’s ship in Infinity War, The Benatar.

For now, Marvel is scouting on someone to replace James Gunn on the director’s chair. Adam McKay was said to have been a contestant, but he ultimately passed. While I’m bummed Guy Ritchie never got to work on a Suicide Squad movie, maybe he’d like to try out something like Guardians?

We don’t have a release date for GOTG Vol. 3 yet, and at this pace, the film could come out sometime in 2022. Though Gunn won’t be back to direct, at least Marvel kept his script for the movie.

It’s something I guess.

Catch the Guardians return in Avengers: Endgame which comes out April 26, 2019.

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