Mock-Up Poster for Spider-Man: Sinister Six Shows Amazing Cast

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September 22, 2020  01:59 PM

We don’t know what the third Spider-Man film is going to be about yet, but we do know that Sony is building up to a clash with the Sinister Six one way or another. We don’t know who the full roster of the film is yet, but concept artist Jackson Caspersz has given us a look at a mock-up of a poster for Spider-Man: Sinister Six.

Check it out:



You have to love the casting choices done here. While John Cena’s Sandman and Jason Momoa’s Kraven have been fancasts floating around for a while; it’s pretty interesting to see Javier Bardem as Doctor Octopus and Aaron Paul as Electro. I kind of wish we got to see Michael Mando’s face in this take of Scorpion, but I guess this one looks fine.

Personally, the only casting choice I find a tad iffy is Matthew McConaughey, as the Green Goblin. While I think he can pull of Norman Osborn, I’m not sold on the concept art here where he just looks like a fancy Skrull. Then again, maybe they can incorporate Skrulls into the Green Goblin look; say that Osborn was experimenting with them and that’s why he ended up looking like a Goblin. It’s just an idea.

For now, Spider-Man 3 is said to be looking at a start date in early 2021 with a release set for December of that year. While time from production to release seems short, hopefully, Jon Watts and his team did some extensive pre-production work while in quarantine to make up for lost time.

Catch Spider-Man 3 when it hits theaters Dec. 17, 2021.

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