3 Captain Marvels Will Exist in the MCU by 2022

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November 23, 2020  03:18 PM

Though Brie Larson is credited as the Captain Marvel of the MCU, other characters who have taken up the mantle will be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. In fact, we’re going to have a total of three alternate Captain/Ms. Marvels existing in the MCU at the same time.

As pointed out by ScreenRant, the three Marvels of the MCU will be Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), and Monica Rambeau (WandaVision). Though we know that Carol Danvers is the main character with the mantle, it’s interesting to know that her protégés will also be running around the MCU, doing their own brand of heroics.

While we don’t know the exact scope of Kamala Khan’s origin, we do know that in the comics, Ms. Marvel was Carol Danvers’ original mantle before she took over for the male Captain Marvel. Set photos have shown Kamala (Iman Vellani) in a Captain Marvel costume, so I think it’s safe to assume that she idolizes her. It is possible that Kamala comes up with the Ms. Marvel name on her own, as a homage to Captain Marvel.

As for Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), we know that she knows Carol Danvers personally, but I’m not expecting her to get her powers just yet. In the comics, she had adopted the aliases Captain Marvel, Photon, and Spectrum. We don’t know if she’ll get powers in the MCU now, but I’m guessing she will be some kind of SHIELD agent tasked to take down Wanda Maximoff. How interesting would it be if she gets blasted by Wanda in the show, and then attains powers; making her some kind of mutant?

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the MCU has in store. It will be a while before Captain Marvel 2 hits theaters, but we’ll meet the adult Monica Rambeau when WandaVision debuts on January 15, 2021.

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