Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Photos and Preview Tease Big Battles Ahead, Return of Some Characters

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June 01, 2016  04:44 PM

Image Credit: HBO

HBO has released a new batch of photos to tease fans of its upcoming episode this Sunday, titled The Broken Man.

As usual, the preview images are mysterious and would intrigue fans of what’s to come.

Check them out:

Here’s Jaime Lannister and his troops about to get on a showdown with the Tullys at Riverrun, and even Bronn.

Image Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO  

Here's Blackfish, presumably in the same setting as Jaime.

Image Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO  

Here’s Margaery finally together with her grandmother Lady Olenna again. However, it seems that since that final scene in Episode 6 where she and her young husband, Tommen Baratheon, forged ties with the High Sparrow. She is now watched by Septa Unella, even when she’s having a moment with Lady Olenna.

Image Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO  

Meanwhile, here’s Jon Snow and Sansa on a meeting with the lord of House Glover. It seems that they are doing all they can to get more support for a battle against the Boltons to reclaim back Winterfell.

Image Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO    

Meanwhile, here’s a shot of Arya, with her back to the camera. It looks like the calm before a storm. Because she knows the faceless men are now after her, she’s looking one last look at the scenic Braavos.

Image Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO    

Now here’s Cersei talking to Lady Olenna as Mountainstein guards her. I think they’re plotting their revenge on the High Sparrow.

Image Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO  

Here’s a preview of Episode from Sunday night:


Game of Thrones airs on Sunday at HBO at 9 p.m. EST. 

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